New Long-Haul Optical Fiber with Lower Loss Available from M2 Optics

Posted by Kevin Miller on Mon, Mar 28, 2011 @ 14:03 PM

M2 Optics offers latest Corning® LEAF® (G.655) fiber in any of their portable or rack-mount testing platforms

March 28, 2010 (Raleigh, NC) – M2 Optics Inc., a leading provider of optical fiber testing platforms, is now offering Corning® LEAF® fiber with a lower loss specification in any of their portable or rack-mount enclosures for a variety of long-haul testing applications. Available by request, it is the latest option in a wide variety of single mode optical fibers already offered by M2.

Corning® LEAF® fiber is a NZDSF (non-zero dispersion-shifted, ITU-T G.655 spec) fiber that is currently utilized in more than 100 carrier networks, making it one of the most widely deployed G.655 optical fibers worldwide. Applying their latest technology to the standard LEAF® fiber, Corning® has reduced the fiber attenuation specification over a typical 100km span from 0.22dB/km to 0.19dB/km @ 1550nm. This results longer transmission distances using this lower loss fiber, improving overall performance, as operators and equipment manufacturers seek to upgrade to higher data rates.

“This latest version of Corning® LEAF® fiber will be a very attractive option for our customers, as many are currently testing or utilizing long-haul equipment and networks,” says Kevin Miller, VP of Sales & Marketing at M2 Optics. “By continuously adding new fibers from the world’s leading manufacturers like Corning®, our customers benefit from having a wide selection of fibers available to meet their testing requirements.”

Similar to the other fibers offered by M2, this fiber is available in any lengths per customer specifications. It is available in any of M2’s specially-designed Fiber Lab enclosures, which protect the fiber and connectors, while providing a stable and reliable testing platform. For pricing or more information, view their optical fibers or call (919) 342-5619 for immediate assistance.

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