M2 Optics Whitepaper: Defining Optical Modulation Index

Posted by Kevin Miller on Wed, Nov 10, 2010 @ 13:11 PM

A new whitepaper from M2 Optics offers a more in-depth, technical look at the topic of Optical Modulation Index, a crucial element in optimizing upstream and downstream CATV system performance.


With CATV providers seeking to deliver even more services to their subscribers, it is important that their systems are always optimized for peak performance.  Othwerwise, they risk marginal service in a market that is seeing increased competition from Telco and Satellite services.  By initially setting the OMI of laser transmitters and checking routinely, providers have an easy way to significantly improve ongoing service while spotting potential failures before they occur.

Defining OMI includes:

  • What OMI is and how it is defined
  • OMI in relation to system optimization and laser transmitter performance
  • New ways to measure & set OMI while saving significant time & money
  • Additional facts about OMI & other useful information

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Defining OMI

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