Solution for Real-Time Monitoring of Fiber Optic Networks

Posted by Kevin Miller on Mon, Apr 19, 2010 @ 19:04 PM

Real-Time Optical Network MonitorThe Fiber Monitor allows users to monitor their optical networks and receive instant alerts of intrusion attempts, line breaks/faults, and other issues that can affect data transmission.

Raleigh, NC - April 19, 2010

M2 Optics Inc., a leading provider of unique fiber optic solutions for test and measurement, announced the addition of a new line of products designed to monitor fiber optic networks. Manufactured by FiSEC GmbH, the Fiber Monitor offers real-time alerts of any data transmission issues using innovative COTDR technology. While offering basic alerts to complete network management, the solution is both affordable and easy to install and maintain, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of customers.

With the amount of information being sent via fiber optic networks on the rise, there are many benefits a solution like this can offer. Intrusion detection is a key concern of many organizations sending sensitive data, including government agencies and financial institutions. In addition, if a line is accidentally cut or there is a break, interruption to the data transfer can put a business at serious risk. The Fiber Monitor will detect any of these types of interruptions, while alerting the user in real-time so that service teams can be quickly deployed. Already being utilized by some of the world's largest financial organizations, government agencies, and data centers, this solution is proven to add value to IT operations.

"We are excited to partner with FiSEC in offering this solution to customers in the United States," states Kevin Miller, VP of Sales & Marketing. "The Fiber Monitor is an affordable solution for businesses that want to ensure their fiber optic networks are both protected and running smoothly at all times. With an increasing emphasis on data privacy, the Fiber Monitor is an easy addition to any company seeking to minimize data transfer issues and risks."

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