Fiber Lab MSP – The Trusted Solution for OTDR Training

Posted by Kevin Miller on Tue, Jan 10, 2023 @ 10:01 AM

An Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is an essential device used by fiber optic technicians for validating the continuity and integrity of optical fiber spans along with identifying and locating physical issues like breaks and degradations that negatively affect signal performance. As OTDRs are complex devices that must be configured properly by the user for each test scenario, classroom training is critical for learning and training purposes, ensuring that technicians are taking the most accurate measurements when using in the field network environment.

Since every test scenario is different in terms of fiber configurations and events a technician might experience in a real network, one of the biggest challenges faced by OTDR training instructors is simulating the physical fiber network in the classroom environment. Using various fiber spools and components is cumbersome to transport and manage for the instructor, while not a very efficient setup on the desktop in the classroom for training numerous students at a time. Fortunately, the customizable Fiber Lab MSP, designed and manufactured by M2 Optics, now provides the answer to solving these long-standing OTDR training challenges.

Why Choose the Fiber Lab MSP?

Designed using a proprietary approach that allows for complete customization to each instructor’s training requirements, the Fiber Lab MSP is the industry’s first and most complete portable fiber network simulator for OTDR training applications. Efficiently packaging multiple fiber spans and events into a single rugged and ultra-efficient case, the instructor has full control over determining the types of test scenarios included in the simulator to match their training plans or specific applications. The result is the MSP providing an improved training session, making hands-on training lessons easier and hassle-free for both the instructor and the student.

Whether training a student to test longer fiber spans of over 40km with in-line splices and connectors, troubleshoot a complete FTTH link that includes a combination of longer and shorter lengths with 1xN PON splitters, or replicate shorter lengths for 5G fiber backhaul on a tower, the MSP delivers maximum benefits.

Fiber Lab MSP



  • Simulates P2P, PON/FTTX, & Cell Tower fiber spans
  • Includes over 35km of fiber via multiple spools
  • Integrated fiber events (splices, 1xN splitters, etc)
  • Rugged, portable case designed for travel and frequent handling
  • Eliminates the hassle of managing multiple components
  • Customized configurations available

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Still early in its development lifecycle at M2 with new customization options and features continuously being added, the versatile Fiber MSP has already become the solution of choice by several of the largest Telecom operators, while also receiving recognition by the FOA (Fiber Optic Association) in their July 2022 newsletter when Master Instructor Tom Collins of Technicians give it his stamp of approval when training students in their Warriors4Wireless class.

Master Instructor Tom Collins of Technicians give it his stamp of approval when training students in their Warriors4Wireless class.


Learn More – Design Your Customized Fiber Lab MSP Today

M2 Optics has a continuing vision of helping fiber optic engineers, technicians, and instructors improve the way optical fibers are used and managed and the Fiber Lab MSP for OTDR training is the most recent solution to deliver the level of customization needed to provide the most accurate, real-world fiber experience for the classroom training environment.

When you are ready to learn more or specify an MSP manufactured to your exact training needs, the M2 Optics team of dedicated and knowledgeable sales engineers will personally help you design a solution to meet your training goals. Contact M2 Optics Today

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Need a Different OTDR Training Solution?

While the MSP can be manufactured to suit the most comprehensive range of span and event configurations, for those that may require something simpler, M2 Optics also offers other OTDR training solutions in the form of smaller, portable handheld modules. These are designed to accommodate shorter fiber lengths and fewer fiber events which serve as great tools with similar benefits.

Other OTDR Training Solutions:

Sidekick Plus               Compact, handheld solution to pair with any OTDR for eliminating the "dead zone" at the beginning of a fiber cable test.

Sidekick                        Sidekick - Network Simulator and Delay Line Module

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