Using Network Simulation Platforms for Testing Fiber Optic Equipment

Posted by Kevin Miller on Tue, Jun 1, 2010 @ 15:06 PM

As the use of fiber optic equipment in communications systems continues to grow worldwide, network simulation testing has become vitally important for vendors seeking to offer their equipment for use in the field.

In the past, many engineers and technicians wold simply use exposed bare optical fiber spools that were sitting out on the test bench.  This practice, although usually working for a short period of time, generally leads to a number of issues that cost users both time and money.

Potential Issues of Using Exposed Fiber Spools

  • Bare optical fiber is easily damaged when not protected in the work environment
  • Careful handling, fiber identification, and consistent results become a challenge
  • Inefficient use of valuable workspace

Whether using standard or specialty optical fibers (carrying a significantly higher cost) and taking into account tight budget restrictions, engineers must be wary of these issues.  Fortunately, by purchasing a professional network simulation platform, users can eliminate all the above challenges, while simplifying their fiber optic test routines.

Types of Fiber Optic Network Simulation Platforms

Today, there are a variety of network simulation platforms available for use depending upon a user's setup preference.  Both portable enclosures for single spools as well as rack-mount enclosures for multiple-spools (and longer distances) are available.  In addition, the most useful platforms are built to exact specifications, offering a variety of optical fiber types, lengths, and connectors. Regardless of the specific type chosen, they are proven to offer better results and more efficient organization.

Fiber_Lab_3200R_Solution.jpg      Rack-mount, multi-spool with up to 300km
Fiber_Lab_800_Solution.jpg      Portable, single spool with up to 30km

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