For test laboratories moving in the direction of automation, it's critical to both deploy devices that can be remotely-accessed via automation software, but also organize all of the optical fibers connecting the devices in the most efficient and identifiable manner.

With a focus on providing equipment specifically for the test lab environment, M2 Optics offers several proven solutions to solve these challenges.

Fiber Lab for Network Simulation & Latency Testing

Exactly simulating a field network to ensure equipment will perform to standard during field deployment is a crucial step during development and customer demonstration procedures.  To accomplish this in the most efficient manner, the best practice is to utilize spools of optical fiber that closely match the intended field network.

Used at leading test laboratories of the most recognized equipment manufacturers around the world, the Fiber Lab series offers the most professional and complete line of packaged optical fiber solutions for these applications.  In addition to protecting and organizing valuable test fiber, Fiber Labs produce reliable and consistent performance results you can count on.

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SwitchLightTM for Test Tool Sharing & Automation

In a large lab environment where the value of just the test equipment alone can reach the millions of dollars, it helps to share resources wherever possible.  Since it is highly inefficeint to have an indivdual test tool for every device, especially for 40G and 100G ports, deploying an optical switch that allows for test port sharing delivers significant value.

The SwitchLight is a flexible, 1xN all-optical switching device capable of capturing traffic from multiple paths and routing/distributing the signal to a specified test port.  Unlike large symmetrical switching platforms or automated patch panels that are extremely expensive with limited or no customization, the SwitchLight offers a cost-effective "any-to-one" configuration. The result is an ideal scenario that enables you to invest in exactly what is needed, not more.

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