SwitchLight Optical Switching Device



  • 1xN optical switch architecture 
  • Integrated WDM components for WSS
  • Single mode and multimode fibers
  • Low loss and low latency
  • Customized for multiple applications
  • Patented design and approach

SwitchLightTM is a patented, Layer 1 optical switching device designed for networking monitoring, test tool sharing, optical multicasting, and protection switching applications.  

Customized to include an array of single mode or multimode optical switches from 1x1 to 1x128, SwitchLight is offered in a 1RU or 2RU chassis helping to save rack space.  In addition to optical switches, passive WDM components can be integrated into our proprietary approach resulting in wavelength-selective switching capabilities.

Integration into any network environment is simple, as the device includes a software API that enables the use of multiple popular scripting languages like TCL, Python, and more.

Application Information

Network Monitoring and/or Test Tool Sharing
  Select a signal on-demand from multiple incoming fibers and route to a test device

Wavelength Selective Switching (WSS)
  Select individual wavelengths from an incoming signal and multiplex back onto a single fiber

Optical Multicast
  Route an outgoing signal to one or multiple locations, turning on/off individual fiber paths


Technical Specifications

  Switch Type   Mechanical, latching, low-loss switches
  Switch Options   1xN; 1x1 to 1x128
  Fiber Types   Single mode, Multimode
  Switch Insertion Loss   ≤ 1dB
  Switch Return Loss   ≥ 50dB
  Switching Time   25ms / 25ms+(10xn)
  Integrated Passives   WDM, AWG, splitters
  Integrated Amplifiers   EDFA
  Chassis Types   1RU and 2RU; dependent upon desired configuration
  Front Panel Connectors      MPO, LC, or No Connector/Pass-Through (lowest loss)    
  Power   24VAC/5A/120W External Power Supply

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