• Wavelength selective switching (WSS)
  • Single mode and multimode fibers
  • All-optical, low loss and low latency
  • Cost-effective and customized

Using a patented all-optical switching approach, the SwitchLightTM enables a user to select individual wavelengths/channels from one or multiple incoming fibers and combine them onto an outgoing fiber, or access each independently.

Within today's complex fiber optic networks, system operators require the ability to separate out and select individual wavelengths/channels for optical add-drop, multicast, and network monitoring scenarios.  Rather than use a combination of several active and passive devices, the SwitchLightTM provides the ideal all-in-one solution for applications of this nature.  

Customized to each user's requirements, the device incorporates both active switching technology with passive WDM components to enable the seletive filtering capabilities in a single chassis.  By using mechanical switches as opposed to MEMs type, loss is minimized and the use of both single mode and multimode fibers are supported.  In addition, by making use of standard components and a flexible design, SwitchLightTM is often far more cost effective than other devices and approaches.

Application Example: Optical Add-Drop


Application Example:  Network Monitoring



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