Optical Fiber Re-Spooling

M2 Optics offers the capability to re-spool fiber for our customers. Whether you require fiber from a single spool to be re-spooled onto multiple smaller spools, or simply require customer length modifications, our service will be of value.

Since very old fiber can be brittle or more suceptible to breaks during the re-spooling process, M2 provides an initial evaluation of all fiber we receive from the customer at no charge.

Our rates are very competitive and we are open to establishing special arrangements, should you have special or ongoing requirements.  

Fusion Splicing

In addition to our optical fiber re-spooling service, we also offer fusion splicing to add further value. If you wish to add more fiber to an existing spool, or are seeking a splice within a spool for training purposes, contact us and we'll provide you with a price quote.