M2 Optics offers a customized 1xN optical switching platform designed for network monitoring and optical multicasting applications in both single mode and multimode environments.  As an all-optical switch (Layer 1), it is data rate and protocol agnostic making the SwitchLight a valuable and cost-effective device when requring a switch for a variety of network applications.

With a patent-pending approach that combines all-optical switching capabilities and an advanced automation software engine, the SwitchLight is easy to deploy and instantly enhances network operations.

Dual-Function Optical Switch

Network Monitoring

  • 1xN all-optical switching up to 1x128 duplex
  • Single mode and/or multimode fibers
  • Integrated WDM for wavelength-selective switching (WSS)
  • Data rate and protocol agnostic
  • Integrated software API supports multiple scripts (TCL, Python, etc)
  • Application Example:  Routing a selected fiber path to a 3rd party monitoring device

Optical Multicasting & Broadcasting

  • Distribute an outbound signal via one or multiple paths
  • Turn on/off paths as necessary
  • Optional, integrated amplifier to eliminate signal loss
  • Low-latency with no OEO conversion
  • Application Example:  Sending a selected financial video feed to multiple display monitors