Fiber Monitoring Image

Simple Solution, Vast Impact

The Remote Fiber Monitoring System offered by M2 Optics is a key asset for any network operator seeking to ensure the performance and integrity of the optical fiber infrastructure.  In addition to significantly reducing service times to meet customer service and SLA requirements, the system provides an extra level of intrusion detection against the serious threat of malicious data theft affecting today's networks. 

Key Features

  • Remotely monitors up to 16 individual fiber links per device (32 per 1RU)
  • Optimized for point-to-point fiber links up to 160km in distance
  • Non-intrusive monitoring signal for use with both dark and lit fibers
  • Fault localization to within meters for precise and rapid service deployment
  • Integrated optical switching for continuous and/or on-demand link testing
  • Plug-and-play setup: easy to deploy, use, and scale as the network grows

Minimum Investment, Maximum Value

Despite the tremendous importance of a fiber monitoring system, this device is surprisingly cost-effective.  Unlike most other OTDR-based fiber monitoring systems that are expensive and may also require the use of other independent gear, this special design approach was intended with growth in mind.  The result is a solution that is the ideal fit whether you are a carrier, data center, financial institution, utility provider, or federal/municipal government entity.

Contact M2 Optics today to learn more about this valuable device and how it can immediately enhance your fiber network monitoring efforts.