Fiber Lab 600

  • Includes up to 25km of optical fiber
  • Designed for OFS® fiber spools
  • Portable for easy handling
  • Professional appearance and consistent results
  • Ideal for fiber network simulation, latency, and system demonstrations
Fiber Lab 600 from M2 Optics provides a portable test platform for those requiring the use of OFS® optical fibers.  Intended for use on the benchtop, it protects both the optical fiber and connectors, while providing stable and consistent test results.  Multiple units can easily be patched together for testing at several distances if necessary.

Offering up to 25km of OFS® fiber, each unit is customized to exact specifications with choice of optical fiber type, length, and connectors.  Used by engineers worldwide, these solutions make testing easy for a variety of applications including network simulation, latency, system demonstrations, and more.

Contact us today to design a Fiber Lab 600 and begin enhancing your operational setup.