Enhance Data Center Timing and System Performance

Data center engineering teams are challenged with varying requirements when deploying and maintaining latency-driven systems.  M2 Optics specializes in providing fully customized fiber solutions designed to support several critical applications.

Trusted by the world's leading communications, web, and cloud data center entities, M2's fiber expertise and manufacturing capabilities help engineers solve challenging issues related to signal and system timing.  Whether you are equalizing link latency across multiple fibers inside a facility or simulating key fiber links between sites when evaluating network devices prior to deployment, M2's team is readily available to help.

Customize Your Solution 

Fiber Lab Flex DC Optical Time Delay Solution

Precision Optical Time Delays

  • Sub-nanosecond accuracy for delays up to 1500 ft.
  • Up to 144 delays in 3RU and other HD formats
  • Scale or re-configure timing as needs grow and change
  • Equalize links, sync system timing, tier service speeds
Fiber Network and Link Simulator

Fiber Link & Delay Simulators

  • Exactly simulate fiber delays and optical performance
  • Any fiber types, delays/distance values, and setup configurations
  • A large array of efficient enclosure options
  • Certify devices prior to deployment and/or train staff
Exact length fiber optic cables

Latency-tuning Fiber Cables

  • Accurate lengths with -0 to +1" tolerance to 50ft; -0 to +3" to 100ft
  • Custom lengths & connector configurations
  • 100% USA-manufactured, ISO-9001 facility
  • Fine-tune link lengths between racks and systems

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