The patented SplitLight from M2 Optics offers the highest density of passive optical TAPs in a 1RU chassis.  This network monitoring TAP platform enables service providers, data centers, enterprises, and government entities to save maximum rack space while monitoring more fibers than ever before.

  • Up to 192 splitters (96 full duplex taps) in a single 1RU chassis
  • Single mode and/or multimode fibers
  • 1x2 or 1x3 splits with power ratios from 50:50 to 99:1
  • Data rate and protocol agnostic
  • 3 chassis sizes to meet various rack requirements
The SplitLight utilizes only premium low-loss splitters and MTP Elite connectors to ensure maximum performance for the most advanced networks.
To meet changing requirements, this patented optical TAP platform is fully customized to your specific requirements.  Whether a compact chassis with a small number of single mode TAPs for a remote PON monitoring application is needed or a high density of 100GB TAPs for a large data center, SplitLight is the perfect solution.

Need a Modular Setup?

In addition to the 1RU chassis, SplitLight offers an LGX-style modular setup for those with existing rack chassis and/or that prefer a build-as-you-go type of approach.



  • 3RU, 12-module chassis with 72 taps
  • 1RU, 2-module chassis with 12 taps