Portable Enclosure with OFS® fiber

The Fiber Lab 600 is a portable spool solution with a custom length of OFS® optical fiber for efficiently simulating fiber optic link performance and latency in the test lab environment.  Easy to handle, the optical fiber and connectors are protected from damage while providing consistent and reliable performance results.  Multiple units can be used together for duplex (Tx/Rx) configurations for achieving additional length options, while the transparent enclosure enhances the look of the lab or demonstration setup.

Fiber Lab 600 Network Simulator with OFS spool


  • Accurate, user-specified fiber lengths up to 25km
  • OFS® fibers including AllWave®, TrueWave®, TeraWave®, and more.
  • Portable enclosure for protected, easy handling and efficient storage
  • Beneficial for simulating network link performance and latency, device certification, training, and demonstration applications.
Customized to specification, every Fiber Lab 600 includes any type of single-mode, multimode, or specialty fiber available from OFS®, along with precision lengths up to 25km in distance or 125us delay value.

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