Fiber Lab 1600D Web
  • Includes up to 50km of bare optical fiber
  • Designed for Draka® fiber spools
  • Protects fiber from damage
  • Useful for network simulation, latency / time delay,
    and system demonstrations

Fiber Lab 1600D from M2 Optics is a portable solution that provides up to 50km of bare optical fiber for a variety of testing applications.  Designed to fit standard double-width fiber spools/reels from Draka®, the specific fiber type, length, and connectors are customized to meet exact requirements.

The Fiber Lab 1600D protects fiber and connectors from accidental damage while offering both a stable and professional testing platform.  Utilized by the top service providers and equipment manufacturers around the world, Fiber Lab solutions are the ideal choice for engineers and technicians seeking maximum performance.

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