Portable Solutions for Corning® Fiber

The Fiber Lab 1600 is designed for engineers requiring a portable approach when using longer distances of bare Corning® optical fiber for link simulation and optical time delay testing, as well as system demonstration applications.  As a desk/bench top unit, it makes handling the fiber easier while ensuring consistent performance results and protection from accidental damage.

Customized to user specification offering any length up to 60km of Corning® single mode, multimode, or specialty fiber, these units help to better organize your fiber while maximizing the value of your fiber.

Portable approach when for longer distances of bare Corning  optical fiber using Fiber Lab 1600.
  • Includes up to 60km of optical fiber
  • Designed for Corning® fiber spools
  • Portable for easy use and handling
  • Consistent results and professional look
  • Ideal for fiber network simulation, latency, and 
    system demonstration applications

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