Fiber Lab 600

  • Includes up to 25km of optical fiber
  • Designed to include OFS® fiber spools
  • Portable for easy handling
  • Professional appearance and consistent results
  • Useful for fiber network simulation, latency / optical time delay, and system demonstrations
Fiber Lab 600 provides a portable testing solution for engineers that require OFS® optical fibers for simulating fiber links or optical time delays in the lab environment.  Easy to handle, it protects both the optical fiber and connectors from damage while providing consistent performance results.  Furthermore, multiple units can be joined or used together to provide the user with duplex (Tx/Rx) configurations or additional length options.

Offering a single spool of any fiber available from OFS, the user can specify custom lengths up to a maximum distance of 25km, along with choice of connectors.

Ready to enhance your test setup?  Contact M2 Optics to learn more or begin designing your own customized Fiber Lab 600 solution.