Request a Custom Solution for Your Specialized Application

M2 Optics offers a large portfolio of specialty optical fibers and components for high-speed aerospace, photonics, medical, automotive, and other advanced communications applications. Whether you require a precise length of optical fiber for a testing application or cables and components for installation into a network or system, M2 will deliver a customized solution to match your needs.
Efficiently spooled multi-fiber, jacketed cable for testing and latency using Fiber Lab MPO. Compact, handheld solution to pair with any OTDR for eliminating the "dead zone" at the beginning of a fiber cable test. Ideal for amplifier, sensor, and monitoring applications, all PM fibers are both Telcordia and RoHS compliant.

Optical Fibers, Cables, and Coils

  • Dispersion compensating
  • Hollow core
  • Radiation hardened
  • Polarization maintaining
  • Large core
  • Ultra low loss

Components, Solutions, & Services
  • Polarization maintaining splitters
  • Time delay spools/coils
  • Precision fiber spooling
  • Rapid part prototyping & fabrication

For more information, technical specifications, or to begin designing a custom fiber solution for your next project, contact M2 Optics today.