LightClick Software 
  • Easy point-and-click GUI
  • Controls one or multiple devices
  • Advanced user management
  • Built-in API support for TCL, PERL, and Python scripting

LightClick is a powerful, yet very easy-to-use software management program that is offered with every SwitchLight device.   

Unlike alternatives that often requires a user to connect to equipment in a specific way, LightLick offers several options for interfacing with the SwitchLight, resulting in no-hassle integration into your existing network environment.

Intuitive GUI

The LightCLick GUI provides a simple point-and-click solution for turning on/off ports, making connections, and quickly configuring your system with minimal effort.  In addition, the GUI automatically identifies the hardware associated with each customized SwitchLight, includes role-based user management, and the ability to save and run custom configurations on-demand.

Scripting Support for Multiple APIs

For those intergrating SwitchLight into an existing network eqipment management system, LightClick offers scripting support for TCL, PERL, and Python as part of the standard software package.  In this manner, you can deploy and communicate with the SwitchLight regardless of your unique network environment.

If you have questions or wish to learn more about any aspect of the LightClick software, contact us for assistance.