Easily Simulate A Passive Optical Network

Custom fiber types, lengths, and splitters

Fiber Lab Flex - PON Simulator   Configuration shown:
  •   15km feed/distribution fiber
  •   1x8 optical splitter with breakout cable
  •   8 drop fibers; lengths from 500m to 2km

The Flex-PON solution from M2 Optics provides the ideal platform for those seeking to exactly simulate a passive optical network in the test environment.  By enhancing this popular chassis to include optical splitter modules, a user can now work with a complete point-to-multipoint setup that includes all applicable fiber lengths found in the field network.

Key Features:

  • All single mode or multimode optical fiber types; any length up to 25km per module
  • 1xN optical splitters, up to 1x32 (for higher/other split counts, contact M2)
  • Add modules and/or re-configure as needs change over time
  • Professional setup for the most advanced testing and demonstration requirements

Contact our experienced team today and we will help to determine the best solution for your application.  With many leading organizations around the world relying on Fiber Lab, we are confident you will benefit in a similar manner.