FiberSplit Pricing

FiberSplit Micro Module Couplers & Splitters

FiberSplit Modules      Coupler / Splitter / WDM Solutions
  • Compact size compared to standard modules
  • Variety of split ratios and connector types
  • Useful for Telecom, CATV, PON, LAN, & WDM

FiberSplit Micro Modules provide a space-saving solution that is the next generation to the older LGX-style version.  These high quality optical splitter modules provide low insertion loss, high directivity, and good uniformity for maximum performance.

Reduce Rack Space - FiberSplit modules are available in a 3U, 19" rackmount chassis.  By accommodating up to 20 individual modules per chassis, users make more efficient use of rack space by reducing as much as 40% compared to traditional LGX style modules.