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SFP transceiver modules (1000Base SFP) from M2 Optics are 100% compatible with Cisco equipment, include LC connectors, and are compliant with industry standards.

SFPs modules compatible with other brands including Juniper, Alcatel, Avaya, Finisar, and more are available.


CWDM SFP Transceivers

CWDM SFP Transceiver

          CWDM SFP (1470-1610nm)
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CWDM transceiver modules are offered at wavelengths from 1470nm to 1610nm and include LC connectors.  These SFPs are 100% compatible with Cisco equipment.

CDWM transceiver options include DDM capability and compatibilty with other brands including Alcatel and more.


10G Transceivers: SFP+, XFP, X2, XENPAK

XFP Transceiver           SFP+
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10G transceiver modules from M2 optics are available in a range of types including SFP+, XFP, X2, and XENPAK.  All types meet industry standards and we can offer Cisco-compatible along with other major brands.

10G transceivers are offered at very competitive prices and are ideal for data center, service provider, and other high speed applications.


SFP OC3 / OC12 / OC48

OC12 SFP           OC3

OC3, OC12, and OC48 transceivers are supplied for short, intermediate, and long reach applications.  Compatible with Cisco equipment, all include LC connectors and are compliant with industry standards.


SFP Transceivers - Copper

describe the image           GLC-T
Copper SFP transceiver modules (1000Base-T) are 100% compatible with Cisco equipment, include RJ-45 connector, and compliant with applicable industry standards.