Why Measure Optical Modulation Index?

With CATV providers seeking to increase the number of services offered to their subscribers, it is crucial that their optical networks are optimized for peak performance. If not, the risk of losing revenue is increased, as unhappy subscribers now have the option of switching to Satellite, Telco, and Online services.  By setting proper OMI, operators now have a simple, yet cost-effective solution for ensuring maximum performance, while saving their technicians a significant amount of time.

The Problem

Before any laser transmitter is used in a system, it goes through a number of processes and specification setting procedures which introduce many variables. All of these procedures are prone to inaccuracies that, in the end, may add up to a major shift in performance. Until now, the tasks of setting proper OMI required both significant investments in laboratory-grade equipment, as well as time-consuming calculations and manual adjustments. Furthermore, any time a single variable changes, the entire process must be repeated – not an ideal scenario!  Furthermore, just a small change in any variable can be the difference between great service and marginal service to the subscriber.

The Solution

The FOS 1000A from M2 Optics is the only instrument available that helps you to easily measure and set proper OMI, without wasting valuable time and money. Proven at the largest CATV companies and equipment manufacturers, this instrument is useful for a variety of applications, allowing technicians to work smarter, not harder.