• Includes up to 60km of optical fiber
  • Designed for Corning® fiber spools
  • Portable for easy use and handling
  • Consistent results and professional look
  • Ideal for fiber network simulation, latency, and 
    system demonstation applications
Fiber Lab 1600 from M2 Optics is the ideal solution for those requring the use of bare optical fiber in a portable manner.  Specifically designed as a tabletop unit, it makes the fiber easy to handle while protecting it from accidental damage.

Customized with any length up to 60km of Corning® fiber, each unit is built to user specification - offering the exact solution for any unique requirement.

Frequently used for network simulation, latency / optical time delay, and certification testing, the FL1600 also makes a great addition to enhance any demonstration setup while guaranteeing consistent results.

Contact us today to design a Fiber Lab 1600 for your future project requirements.